Green Man


I benefit greatly from the Monday morning yoga sessions that I attend at the NaCoMo Centre, not only physically, but spiritually, emotionally, and mentally.  Each session assists me to go deeper within and be the witness to my yoga practise, gently and lovingly watching how I respond to my movements and poses.  I leave feeling great!  My body feels limber and free, my mind is serene, I feel at peace and at one with the flow of the universe.
T.H. -Nakusp

Free Dance: Each session is a highly intuitive experience that offers me the opportunity to ‘get out of my head and drop into my body’, and acknowledge each moving body part, even knees and elbows!  I reconnect with the freedom and imagination I recall from childhood days.
T.H. -Nakusp

I look forward to my two NaCoMo classes a week. Pain and stiffness from old injuries is lessening and in most cases gone!
R.G. -Nakusp

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